As a small business we often get asked to donate raffle prizes. We really do not mind being asked... However, we are VERY choosy who we give prizes to and have set a budget aside for this type of local fund raising support.

Please do not be offended or put off from asking if we have to decline. We may simply have reached our commitments already ! Do please ask again next time...
I am afraid, simply calling and asking or "begging" for a voucher is not enough. As a new business it has to be of value to us. The more value to us, the more we will be willing to offer.

Groups and events in Wantage Grove and surrounding villages will only be considered. All requests MUST be via email and your request needs to outline the following:-

1) The name of the group, & what is your position?

2) What sort of group are you and how many children/parents are you expecting to attend the event?

3) What is the event is it and when, where will it be held.

4) How do you propose to tell people about your sponsors ( most importantly tell them about us?)

I have seen many events where the prizes are just handed out with little or no comment on who kindly donated the prize.

Free inclusion on posters, in emails, newsletters etc will add value to our consideration and the value we offer. A link on your website or facebook page will all help, as will adding a small advert and 10% off voucher printed in your program.

So what are we willing to donate? Some of the options are:-

1) We will add an advert about your event on our website & Facebook page for all successful applications.

2) A Voucher with value from £5 up to £30

3) A commissioned Painted Plate with your groups logo. Worth over £30


We might also consider paying for Uncle Wiggy to attend and entertain with a 30 mins Magic Show OR Punch and Judy Show (Worth over £100) This is a special donation, and not offered to everyone.

It will help if your groups has booked us for our Fund Raising Package. For more details on this please... click here 

Once you have read the above and are willing to put some effort in to promote us, please email your request to 

Good luck

Barry & Kat